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Order in Council

Orders in Council - 2014

Aboriginal & Northern Affairs-Gaming Control Act

Aboriginal and Northern Affairs

Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

Children & Youth Opportunities

Civil Service Superannuation

Communities Economic Development Fund Act

Conservation & Water Stewardship

Crown Corporations Public Review & Accountability Act

Education & Advanced Learning

Emergency Measures

Family Services


Finance-Education & Advanced Learning

Finance-Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport & Consumer Protection

Gaming Control Act


Health, Healthy Living & Seniors

Healthy Living & Seniors

Housing & Community Development

Infrastructure and Transportation

Jobs & the Economy

Justice & Attorney General


Labour & Immigration


Liquor and Gaming Control Act

Liquor Control Act

Manitoba Hydro Act

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation Act

Manitoba Lotteries Corporation Act

Manitoba Public Insurance Corp Act

Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation-Infrastructure & Transportation

Min Resp-Crown Corp Accountability

Mineral Resources

Minister resp for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation

Minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro

Minister responsible for relations with the City of Winnipeg

Multiculturalism & Literacy

Municipal Government

President of the Executive Council

Tourism Culture Heritage Sport & Consumer Protection

Tourism, Culture, Sport and Consumer Protection

Workers Compensation Act

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